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Kit Garrett

I'm a Digital Marketer and Data Scientist



A 10 year veteran of the fabled Algorithm Wars, Kit Garrett is a seasoned Technical SEO and growth hacking aficionado based in the North West of England. Having worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, he's perfectly positioned to help you out with your next project.





Automatic Creative

Managing Director

Automatic Creative is an internationally distributed digital agency with associates based on 4 continents. Bringing together experts in a variety of online disciplines (web development, SEO, media purchasing and more), Automatic Creative unites the experience and expertise of varied cultures and environments to deliver a truly unique and value for money product. When you book me for a job, members of the Automatic Creative team will consult on various aspects - the work, however, will be completed by me.

Hit Search

SEO Manager

Hit Search is a specialised search-focused agency. By focusing their attention on extending the reach and revenue of their customers they're able to bypass many of the challenges faced by so-called "full service" agencies.

Lawyerly & Automatic Creative

Head of Digital

Lawyerly was a legal services directory startup designed at bridging the gap between lawyers and potential clients by offering them a platform to communicate with them directly. Unfortunately the product never found its audience, but I was able to learn an awful lot in a short space of time - including what it truly means to be innovative.

Trinity Mirror Group

Business Support Manager

As a business support manager for this FTSE 100 company I was responsible for the fulfillment and management of all of its digital advertising products, including Google AdWords, SEO, web design and social media campaigns.



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12 Edgewood Drive, Wirral

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