Hi. I'm Kit

I'm a Digital Marketing Professional based in the UK.

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Me in a Nutshell


Come into my lair.

You've found me here, lurking in the shadows of the web, tinkering with server-side installs and client-side optimisations.

You've read my content, and wanted to find out more about me. Maybe you're a curious recruiter. Maybe you're just looking for help.

Well I'm here, and I'm always open to talk.

Drop me a message. I'll buy the coffee.

What I Do

  1. Content Creation 80%
  2. Semantic Web Design 60%
  3. Social Media 40%
  4. Project Management 50%
  5. Search Engine Optimization 90%

My domain is digital. In the past I've worked with clients as diverse as Trinity Mirror and Tom's Plumbers. Client-side or agency-side, it doesn't matter to me - all I care about is creating amazing experiences that'll delight and entice your customers.

I also do beards.

Really freaking well.